Unfiled returns?

Owing back taxes?

Unreported income?

Growing tax debt?

Legal collection from CRA and Criminal charges?

These are nightmares. People who face these problems tell us that they are stressed out and have trouble sleeping at night.


Stop Your CRA Tax Problems Today!


You will be FREE from tax problem anxiety because we do

  • Negotiate an voluntary disclosure with CRA for your unreported income

  • Help you file past due tax returns to avoid get compliant immediately

  • Help you avoid criminal prosecution for undisclosed income

  • Negotiate affordable payment plan for an unpaid tax debt to avoid collection action by CRA

  • Help you apply for taxpayer relief to reduce or eliminate penalties and interest charges

  • Protect and fight for your interests during the tax audit by guiding you though the whole process

  • Help you appeal and settle incorrect or unfair tax assessments

  • Help remove salary garnishments

  • Help unfreeze bank accounts due to “requirement to pay”

  • Help you avoid notional assessments

  • Negotiate to remove enforcement collection action from CRA agent


Call today (416)662-7651 to tell us your stress, it is FREE and Confidential with no obligation!