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♦  Stop Tax Debt Collection Activity due to Back Taxes!

♦  Cancel or Waive Penalties and Interest due to Back Taxes!

♦  Stop Notional Assessment by CRA due to Back Taxes!

♦  Stop Wage Garnishment due to Unfiled Back Taxes!

♦  Stop Tax Lien due to huge Tax Debt caused by Back Taxes!

♦  Protect You Avoiding Criminal Action due to Tax Evasion!


Back taxes are a big issue for many individuals and small business owners.

You are not charged to owe taxes. However, it is against the law to willfully not to file tax returns in order to evade taxes. Unfortunately, lots of taxpayers do not file the required tax return per tax law due to many reasons. Be caution, CRA won’t give you any opportunities for taking tax relief program until you get all your returns filed. Most of our client’s cases start with them owing one year then the next year…they get scared or ignored the problems. Later, it becomes a huge hole.

  • You are committing tax evasion because you are behind filing your tax returns.
  • You accrue large interest and penalties due to late tax filing are still outstanding.


Simply not filing your tax returns will not make your tax problems go away!

No matter how many years of unfiled tax returns, 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years, you have to take the action to call TaxFix Solutions to catch up and file your tax returns first. The reason why? Because TaxFix Solutions is one of the best tax resolution company to help you get out of your tax problem. We will start work on your case within 24 hours as soon as you contact us. Regardless of how much tax you owe, you always have the right to file your original tax return per income tax act.

We can help you get out of tax troubles

Based on our experience, we helped most of our cases for an amount much less than the originally tax debt assessed by CRA.

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We negotiate with CRA to reduce or even remove your penalties and interest. In some cases we can apply the Voluntary Disclosure to file late returns without fear of penalties.


Why you need an experienced tax specialist for your unfiled tax returns?

No matter how many years of your late tax filing past due, it is important to take action and get compliant immediately. You should not simply go to a regular tax preparer and send all the returns. They are not specialized tax resolution specialist, and don’t know the special rules or polices to get you out of troubles. Who is the best person to help you to get out of trouble? TaxFix solutions team is specialized in dealing with unfiled tax returns or late tax filing. We can negotiate with CRA for you to become compliant. Therefore, carefully choosing a best tax specialist to solve the late tax filing issue is very important.


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