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No matter how big or small tax issues, most of people have the fear to deal with Canada Revenue Agency because they found dealing with them to be time consuming and frustrating. They have authority to take your assets away like police man if you fail to pay taxes. The fact is that lots of Canadians find themselves behind on their taxes and have trouble with the CRA. Falling behind on your taxes is nothing to be ashamed of but it can’t be fixed by experienced tax specialist like TaxFix Solutions Team on your side. Don’t be afraid! You’re not alone! We have helped many taxpayers like you to get your life on track again.

Why hire one Tax Representative?

An experienced tax resolution firm with extensive knowledge regarding tax act, policies, and procedures will negotiate a reduced tax settlement to relieve your financial stress. A good tax representative will treat you in a professional and confidential manner; unlike the intimidating actions of CRA only sent you the letters and the aggressive CRA collection agent only wants take the money from your pocket.  Our tax representative will first have an initial meeting to understand your situation, and then to come out the best solution per tax policies. If you deal the complex case by yourself, you may miss the chance or your right to avoid the penalties. The most important thing is that taxpayers who have less extensive tax knowledge and experience will lead them in a tough situation and could be in a criminal prosecution for tax fraud and tax evasion etc.

When tax payers face the CRA alone (without representation), the situation will be:

  • Take advantage of your inexperience
  • CRA anticipates most taxpayers to submit-to-intimidation.
  • You could face a criminal prosecution for tax evasion or fraud
  • Force you to agree to a more costly resolution
  • You will obtain a poor financial settlement.
  • Even delay to solve your tax issue that lead to accumulated penalties and interest.

You need to have an experienced tax specialist who knows the right ways of fighting with CRA on your behalf, so you can get the best settlement for your tax issue, including:

  • Effectively communicate with the CRA
  • Only stand by your side to speak with collection gent to preserve your rights
  • Secure the desired tax payment agreements
  • Prevent the loss of assets
  • Deal with bank levies, wage garnishments, tax liens and other collection activities


Attention to: small business owners and self-employment

Payroll Tax Reresentation

If you are a small business owner, you have failed to file payroll tax returns or pay payroll taxes. Regardless of how much you owe, you are accumulating your interest and penalties, and the CRA may levy the business assets and may even shut down your business. Furthermore, even you want to close your business, CRA won’t let you do it until you filed all your tax returns and pay off all your taxes owed.

A businesses set up as a sole proprietorship, the owner will be personally liable for all outstanding debts and tax owed. And a businesses set up as a corporation, the business owners or directors will be personally liable for government debts, such as outstanding sales tax and payroll taxes, and obligations that they issued a personal guarantee. Only when the business owner’s tax debts are paid off and other obligations are fulfilled, he or she could simply walk away. We have the experience on how to settle your case effectively and quickly to relive your business financial stress.

If you are a small business owner and encounter the payroll tax and sales tax problems, the best thing you can do is to seek professional tax specialist at TaxFix Solutions. We will first evaluate your case, and then come out the best resolution to protect your assets.


Transfer your fear and panic into action now!

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Tax problems do not go away, and they pile up day by day.

You have to seek an experienced tax resolution specialist to regain financial stability.

TaxFix Solutions offers an expert team that specializes in tax debt, undisclosed income, and unfiled tax returns for years etc. Start living well again. Let us take it from here, and get the best result.

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