We save your money by

  • Waiving or reduce large interest or penalties
  • Negotiating an affordable payment plan to meet your financial needs
  • Filing the back tax returns and tax return adjustments to take advantage of eligible tax deductions or tax credits
  • Eliminating wage garnishments
  • Keeping CRA away from your property and bank account
  • And more……


Affordable tax help

  • FREE confidential consultation with no obligation!
  • Affordable Fee that every taxpayer can pay to fix the tax issue!
  • Guarantee the lowest cost to have your desired result – Price match!


The cost of services will vary depending on the type of tax problem, the details of the case and the severity of your tax debt and whether the taxpayer is individual or corporation.

If we can’t provide the Tax Relief Solution, we will let you know upfront and we won’t charge you a penny. If we can’t do the work, we don’t deserve the money