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Are you stressed out because of a tax issue? Are you behind of filing your tax returns? Do you owe tax debt? Are you overwhelmed or intimidated dealing with the CRA? TaxFix solutions team is here for your tax relief needs. Our goal is to fix your tax problems quickly and permanently.

At TaxFix Solutions, we offer an affordable tax help to address your specific tax problem.

Experienced tax resolution professionals

Our team of highly knowledgeable experts knows exactly how to use the CRA tax relief programs to ensure you receive a successful and quick tax resolution.

We first provide you with a confidential tax issue analysis. Then, we will offer a custom tax relief plan that will fix your tax problem and relieve your financial stress. The tax resolution plan generally covers every aspect from the negotiation process between the CRA and settlement of all your tax debt. With years of experience, and the desired results from our satisfied clients, TaxFix Solutions can be the life saver you need.

We are proud of our experienced and knowledgeable tax experts who have helped many taxpayers with tax issues, and they are great assets in our TaxFix Solutions Team and also in the tax relief and tax resolution industry.

Tax issues? Talk to us first! 

  • Talk to us before CRA comes to you. CRA want to gather all your sensitive information that will be used to against you;
  • We fight for the rights of our clients to relieve the tax burdens with honesty and integrity.
  • We provide each client with the best possible outcome that you can live with;
  • We help you reach a favorable settlement with the CRA;
  • We have proven strategies, industry knowledge and expertise;
  • Our service may be more affordable than you think;

You will be free from tax problem anxiety because we do

  • Negotiate an voluntary disclosure with CRA for your unreported income
  • Help you file past due tax returns to avoid get compliant immediately
  • Help you avoid criminal prosecution for undisclosed income
  • Negotiate affordable payment plan for an unpaid tax debt to avoid collection action by CRA
  • Help you apply for taxpayer relief to reduce or waive penalties and interest charges
  • Protect and fight for your interests during the tax audit by guiding you though the whole process
  • Help you appeal and settle incorrect or unfair tax assessments
  • Help remove salary garnishments
  • Help unfreeze bank accounts due to “requirement to pay”
  • Help you avoid notional assessments
  • Negotiate to remove enforcement collection action from CRA agent


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